Why buying certified 2nd hand cars for sale is a good idea

Are you weary of buying just any 2nd hand cars for sale? You have good reason, because as we all know, not all private sellers or car dealerships can be trusted. Luckily car dealerships now offer a wonderful alternative called certified pre-owned vehicles.

What is a certified pre-owned vehicle? It is a used car that have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer/ factory or other certifying authority. In other words, not a “voetstoots” car. The manufacturer made sure to run it through various tests so you can buy a top notch used vehicle. One can almost go as far as to say these certified 2nd hand cars for sale are only missing that new car smell.

For instance, Hyundai does a 125 point quality check on their certified cars. They promise that in the unlikely event of mechanical problems within the first 1,000km we will exchange your vehicle for another one of similar value at no extra cost. The vehicles are sold under the auspices of the motor industry ombudsman and you get the balance of the factory warranty and service plan.

Some of the benefits of buying a certified used vehicle are:

You avoid the high car depreciation cost of a brand new vehicle during its first few years of ownership.

You have the peace of mind that you aren’t buying garbage on wheels. The manufacturer/ factory had it thoroughly inspected and repaired and can provide a warranty. If the car gives you problems that are covered by the warranty, the problem becomes theirs, not yours, and they have to sort it out free of charge. Just make sure you understand exactly what the warranty entails. Depending on the terms and conditions, you might still be liable for small costs.

Of course this doesn’t mean the car is immune to wear and tear, but your maintenance costs will be significantly less compared to buying uncertified 2nd hand cars for sale.

You get more bang for your buck. You might not be able to afford a brand new model, but you can have a slightly older model with a reasonable amount of mileage that will give you the same type of performance than its successor.

The only catch in buying certified 2nd hand cars for sale is that they are a little more expensive than their uncertified counterparts due to the maintenance performed.